Utilities & alternative energy

Utilities & alternative energy: Leading energy into the future for today's leaders, energy is at the top of the agenda. There are worries about access to resources, rising petro-nationalism, threats to supply, increasing fuel prices, problems in ...

Unlocking high CO2 gas fields – Contributing to the carbon economy

Can high CO2 fields successfully become a new business line for exploration and production operators that embrace an energy transition strategy?

Quenching digital thirst of water utilities

How should water utilities execute their digital transformation ?


Historic challenges for the automotive industry The automotive industry is going through a series of step changes. The rapid growth of megacities, the greying of Western societies and new technological developments are presenting OEMs around the globe ...

Diversification trends in the automotive supplier sector

Time for auto suppliers to leverage their capabilities in adjacent industries?

Car subscription schemes

Ownership model of the future or marketing stunt?

Consumer goods & retail

The consumer goods and retail industry is breaking into a new era: Virtual shopping. Ecommerce has just been established, yet more innovative ways are already in place to flood the market providing completely different customer experiences. Game-changing ...

Agritech to drive the next green revolution in India

Convergence of digital technologies to meet Indian challenges

Food contamination: Understanding and preventing risks

A structured approach to fostering food safety and defense