Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

In our current Voice and MBB Services Tariff Plans Benchmarking edition we observed, mostly in the Western Europe, continuous trends of decreasing prices and an increasing of data allowances and consumption with a consequent growing demand for Networks ...

Private Campus Networks

Customers are willing to spend – are operators ready to take their money?

Consumer goods & retail

The consumer goods and retail industry is breaking into a new era: Virtual shopping. Ecommerce has just been established, yet more innovative ways are already in place to flood the market providing completely different customer experiences. Game-changing ...

Food contamination: Understanding and preventing risks

A structured approach to fostering food safety and defense

Can food and beverage leaders find their footing?

A new approach yields faster, lower-risk innovation

Oil & gas

For today’s leaders, energy is at the top of the agenda. There are worries about persistently low oil prices, access to resources, rising petro-nationalism, threats to supply, problems in electricity and gas markets, re-assessment of coal for...

Building the Lebanese oil sector

Strategic thoughts for a successful national experience